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Alternate dates are when your birthcday is on their original birthday.

Bold: Spring 4 (alternate date Spring 9)
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8.
Saibara: Spring 11
Staid: Spring 15
Elli: Spring 16 (alternate date Spring 20)
Barley: Spring 17
Lilia: Spring 19
Aqua: Spring 26
Sasha: Spring 30

Popuri: Summer 3 (alternate date Summer 10)
Harris: Summer 4
Cliff: Summer 6
Basil: Summer 11
Timid: Summer 16
Ann: Summer 17 (alternate date Summer 22)
Kai: Summer 22
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Zack: Summer 29

Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Hoggy: Fall 10
Manna: Fall 11
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Karen: Fall 15 (alternate date Fall 23)
Doctor: Fall 17 (alternate date Fall 19)
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27

Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Nappy: Winter 22
Mary: Winter 20 (Alternate date Winter 25)
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Cheat harvest moon MFoMT ( Girl )

Master Code:
Most people, like me, don't need this code but seems some still do.
I'm providing two codes:

(Original Boy Version Master Code)
0000E882 000A
100D1BF8 0007

(Master Code provided by timmytation)

999,999,999 Gold:
82004090 E0FF
82004092 05F5

Max.Gold:(do not activate unless you have full rucksack, basket
and blue feather)
82004090 FFFF
82004092 FFFF

All 3 Houses & Complete House & Farm Upgrades:
820027CC 009A
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF
82005000 009A
82005001 FF9A
82005003 FF00
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF

Dog's max. crown & affection:
82004271 FFFF
82004273 FFFF
82004275 FFFF

Horse's max. crown & affection:
82002618 FFFF
8200261A FFFF

Max. feed for livestock
820029F9 FFFF
82002BD8 FFFF

All chickens max. hearts & crown
82002A2C fcff
82002A2e ffff
82002A5C fcff
82002A5e ffff
82002A8C fcff
82002A8e ffff
82002AbC fcff
82002Abe ffff
82002Aec fcff
82002Aee ffff
82002b1c fcff
82002b1e fcff
82002b4c fcff
82002b4e ffff
82002b7c fcff
82002b7c ffff

All cows and sheep max. hearts & crown (not sure how well these work)
82002C20 FcFF
82002C22 FFFF
82002C24 003F
82002C5c FcFF
82002C5e FFFF
82002C60 003f
82002C98 FcFF
82002C9a FFFF
82002C9c 003f
82002Cd4 FcFF
82002Cd6 FFFF
82002Cd8 003f
82002D10 FcFF
82002D12 FFFF
82002D14 003f
82002D4c FcFF
82002D4e FFFF
82002D50 003f
82002D88 FcFF
82002D8a FFFF
82002D8c 003f
82002Dc4 FcFF
82002Dc6 FFFF
82002Dc8 003f
82002E00 FcFF
82002E02 FFFF
82002E04 003f
82002E3c FcFF
82002E3e FFFF
82002E40 003f
82002E78 FcFF
82002E7a FFFF
82002E7c 003f
82002Eb4 FcFF
82002Eb6 FFFF
82002Eb8 003f
82002Ef0 FcFF
82002Ef2 FFFF
82002Ef4 003f
82002f2c FcFF
82002f2e FFFF
82002f30 003f
82002f68 FcFF
82002f6a FFFF
82002f6c 003f
82002fa4 FcFF
82002fa6 FFFF
82002fa8 003f

You still have to meet all Marriage requirements before you can marry the boy.
To change the heart colors, simply change the last four digits, represented by
an (X) for each boy.

(black) 0000
(purple) 3333
(blue) 5555
(green) 9999
(yellow) BBBB
(orange) DDDD
(red) FFFF

82004508 XXXX

820044C8 XXXX

Gourmet Judge:
820045A4 XXXX

820043C0 XXXX

82004548 XXXX

820045D0 XXXX

82004354 XXXX

8200458C XXXX

+Instant Marriage Codes+ (you must have fully upgraded house and big bed)

8200450a FFFF

820044Ca FFFF

Gourmet Judge:
820045A6 FFFF

820043C2 FFFF

8200454a FFFF

820045D2 FFFF

82004356 FFFF

8200458e FFFF

+Harvest Sprites+

Max. Affection:
82004608 FFFF
8200462C FFFF
82004650 FFFF
82004674 FFFF
82004698 FFFF
820046BC FFFF
820046E0 FFFF

Somebody e-mailed me and told me the codes didn't work. Since
they worked for me, I decided to keep it around but I'm also going
to put up the codes sent by this guy (I lost the name and e-mail
somewhere in the computer. I'll look it up.) Thanks!

NEW Max. Affection Codes:
820045F0 FFFF
82004614 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200465C FFFF
82004680 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF

Max. Work Experience:
82004614 FFFF
82004616 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200463A FFFF
8200465C FFFF
8200465E FFFF
82004680 FFFF
82004682 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046A6 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF
820046CA FFFF
820046EC FFFF
820046EE FFFF

+Max. Affection of Townspeople+
These include your Rivals so expect to be invited at their weddings
I still don't know how well these work so don't blame me if your
game freezes up.

820044D4 FFFF
82004528 FFFF
8200441C FFFF
820044A8 FFFF
82004360 FFFF
820045B0 FFFF
82004408 FFFF
82004374 FFFF
820043F4 FFFF
820044E8 FFFF
82004514 FFFF
820043CC FFFF
82004458 FFFF
82004554 FFFF
82004444 FFFF
82004480 FFFF
82004334 FFFF
820043E0 FFFF
82004388 FFFF
8200439C FFFF
8200446C FFFF
82004494 FFFF
82004430 FFFF
8200456C FFFF


Here are the basic Mythic tools plus an extra Teleport stone
for your toolchest. WARNING! Remove code immediately after

82002958 0107
8200295A 0117
8200295C 010F
8200295E 011F
82002960 0127
82002964 012F
82002966 014D

You can change the last two digits of the last four
codes above to have these. Make sure you rearrange your
tools first so that they won't disappear. And as always,
remove the code immediately after activation.
eg (82002958 0107 => 82002958 0132)

82002958 yyxx - Chest slot 1

yy = number of tools (FF = 255)
xx = code of tool

Seed bags: Seed code:

Turnip 32
Cucumber 34
Cabbage 36
Corn 38
Pumpkin 3A
Eggplant 3C
Sweet Potato 3E
Green Pepper 40
Moondrop 42
Magic 44
Potato 33
Strawberry 35
Tomato 37
Onion 39
Pineapple 3B
Carrot 3D
Spinach 3F
Grass 41
Pink Cat 43
Toy Flower 45

Gem Name: Gem Code:

Teleport Stone 4D
Gem of Kappa 4F
Gem of Goddess 4E
Gem of Truth 50

Mythic Tool: Tool Code:

M.Fishing Rod 2F
M.Axe 17
M.Sickle 07
M.Hammer 1F
M.Watering Can 27
M.Hoe 0F

+Items+ (You must not have anything in your rucksack. Also, if you keep the
codes activated, you will have an unlimited amount of the specific items
and not just 8)

GIFT WRAP - gift wrapping costs 100G per gift but it adds 125% to the original
"affection" value of the gift. The same is true if the person
dislikes the item. It slashes 125% and he/she may hate you more so
be careful! To gift wrap, just add +2 to the last digit of the code.
(e.g. fridge item: 0000 => 0002; shelf item: 2201 => 2203)

Slot: Code:
1. 82004224 xxxx
2 82004228 xxxx
3 8200422c xxxx
4 82004230 xxxx
5 82004234 xxxx
6 82004238 xxxx
7 8200423c xxxx
8 82004240 xxxx

Item codes (xxxx)


Item: Code:

Turnip 0008
Potato 0108
Cucumber 0208
Strawberry 0308
Cabbage 0408
Tomato 0508
Corn 0608
Onion 0708
Pumpkin 0808
Pineapple 0908
Eggplant 0A08
Carrot 0B08
Sweet Potato 0C08
Spinach 0D08
Green Pepper 0E08
Regular Egg 0F08
Good Quality Egg 1008
High Quality Egg 1108
Golden Egg 1208
P Egg 1308
X Egg 1408
Spa-Boiled Egg 1508
Mayonnaise (S) 1608
Mayonnaise (M) 1708
Mayonnaise (L) 1808
Mayonnaise (G) 1908
Mayonnaise (P) 1A08
Mayonnaise (X) 1B08
Milk (S) 1C08
Milk (M) 1D08
Milk (L) 1E08
Milk (G) 1F08
Milk (P) 2008
Milk (X) 2108
Cheese (S) 2208
Cheese (M) 2308
Cheese (L) 2408
Cheese (G) 2508
Cheese (P) 2608
Cheese (X) 2708
Apple 2808
Honey 2908
Bamboo Shoot 2A08
Wild Grapes 2B08
Mushroom 2C08
Poisonous Mushroom 2D08
Truffle 2E08
Blue Grass 2F08
Green Grass 3008
Red Grass 3108
Yellow Grass 3208
Orange Grass 3308
Purple Grass 3408
Indigo Grass 3508
Black Grass 3608
White Grass 3708
Queen of the Night 3808
Bodigizer 3908
Bodigizer XL 3A08
Turbojolt 3B08
Turbojolt XL 3C08
Wine 3D08
Grape Juice 3E08
Rice Ball 3F08
Bread 4008
Oil 4108
Flour 4208
Curry Powder 4308
Muffin Mix 4408
Chocolate 4508
Relaxation Tea Leaves 4608
SUGDW Apple 4708
HMSGB Apple 4808
AEPFE Apple 4908
Buckwheat Flour 4A08
Wild Grape Juice 4B08
Salad 4C08
Curry Rice 4D08
Stew 4E08
Miso Soup 4F08
Stir Fry 5008
Fried Rice 5108
Savory Pancake 5208
Sandwich 5308
Fruit Juice 5408
Vegetable Juice 5508
Mixed Juice 5608
Fruit Latte 5708
Vegetable Latte 5808
Mixed Latte 5908
Strawberry Milk 5A08
Strawberry Jam 5B08
Tomato Juice 5C08
Pickled Turnip 5D08
French Fries 5E08
Pickles 5F08
Ketchup 6008
Popcorn 6108
Corn Flakes 6208
Baked Corn 6308
Pineapple Juice 6408
Pumpkin Pudding 6508
Pumpkin Stew 6608
Happy Eggplant 6708
Sweet Potatoes 6808
Baked Sweet Potato 6908
Greens 6A08
Scrambled Eggs 6B08
Omelet 6C08
Omelet Rice 6D08
Boiled Egg 6E08
Hot Milk 6F08
Butter 7008
Cheese Cake 7108
Cheese Fondue 7208
Apple Pie 7308
Apple Jam 7408
Apple Soufflé 7508
Mushroom Rice 7608
Bamboo Rice 7708
Truffle Rice 7808
Sushi 7908
Jam Bun 7A08
Dinner Roll 7B08
Raisin Bread 7C08
Grape Jam 7D08
Curry Bread 7E08
Sashimi 7F08
Grilled Fish 8008
Sashimi Mix 8108
Pizza 8208
Noodles 8308
Curry Noodles 8408
Tempura Noodles 8508
Fried Noodles 8608
Buckwheat Noodles 8708
Tempura Buckwheat Noodles 8808
Fried Noodles 8908
Buckwheat Chips 8A08
Cookies 8B08
Chocolate Cookies 8C08
Tempura 8D08
Ice Cream 8E08
Cake 8F08
Chocolate Cake 9008
Relaxation Tea 9108
Toast 9208
French Toast 9308
Pudding 9408
Mountain Stew 9508
Moon Dumplings 9608
Rice Cake 9708
Roasted Rice Cake 9808
Elli Leaves 9908
Failure 9A08
Failure 9B08
Failure 9C08
Failure 9D08
Failure 9E08
Failure 9F08
Small Fish A008
Medium Fish A108
Large Fish A208
Toasted Rice Ball A308
Tempura Rice A408
Egg Over Rice A508
Rice Gruel A608
Pancakes A708
Fish Sticks A808
Candied Potato A908
Potato Pancakes AA08

**Some items from the boy version have new names and
purposes in MFoMT

Moon Drop Grass 0009
Pink Cat Grass 0109
Blue Magic Grass 0209
Red Magic Grass 0309
Toy Flower 0409
Wool (S) 0509
Wool (M) 0609
Wool (L) 0709
Wool (G) 0809
Wool (P) 0909
Wool (X) 0A09
Yarn (S) 0B09
Yarn (M) 0C09
Yarn (L) 0D09
Yarn (G) 0E09
Yarn (P) 0F09
Yarn (X) 1009
Junk Ore 1109
Copper Ore 1209
Silver Ore 1309
Gold Ore 1409
Mystrile Ore 1509
Orichalc Ore 1609
Adamantite Ore 1709
Moon Stone 1809
Sand Rose 1909
Pink Diamond 1A09
Alexandrite 1B09
Mythic Stone 1C09
Diamond 1D09
Emerald 1E09
Ruby 1F09
Topaz 2009
Peridot 2109
Fluorite 2209
Agate 2309
Amethyst 2409
Harvest Goddess Jewel 2509
Kappa Jewel 2609
Jewel of Truth 2709
Spring Sun 2809
Summer Sun 2909
Autumn Sun 2A09
Winter Sun 2B09
Bracelet 2C09
Necklace 2D09
Earrings 2E09
Broach 2F09
Weeds 3009
Stones 3109
Branches 3209
Recipe for French Fries 3309
Recipe for Ketchup 3409
Ball 3509
Pirate Treasure 3609
Fossil of Ancient Fish 3709
Empty Can 3809
Boots 3909
Fish Bones 3A09
Van's Favorite Thing 3B09 (Karen's Wine)
TV Changer 3C09 (Popuri's Mud Ball)
Shopping Master 3D09 (Ann's Music Box)
Riddle Book 3E09 (Mary's Great Book)
Goddess Gift 3F09 (Elli's Pressed Flower)
Album 1 4009
Album 2 4109
Album 3 4209
Album 4 4309
Album 5 4409
Album 6 4509
Album 7 4609
Album 8 4709
Album 9 4809
Album 10 4909
Album 11 4A09
Album 12 4B09
Album 13 4C09
Album 14 4D09
Album 15 4E09
Album 16 4F09
Album 17 5009
Album 18 5109
Album 19 5209
Album 20 5309
H.G High/Low 100 wins 5409 (Band-Aid)
All About Letters 5509 (Book from H.G.)
Perfume 5609
Cliff's Photo 5709
All About Books 5809 (Plant Encyclopedia)
Invitation to HS party 5909
Dress 5A09
Facial Pack 5B09
Skin Lotion 5C09
Sun Block 5D09
Lumber 5E09
Golden Lumber 5F01
Animal Fodder 6001
Chicken Feed 6101
Certificate of R-P-S 6201
Frisbee 6301
Rick's Watch 6401
Kai's Ocean Charm 6501
Cliff's Flower Decoration 6601
Gray's Brooch 6701
Doctor's Massager 6801
Mysterious ticket 6901

Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

List and Price Of Item and Corp

Black Grass: 10G (Won: 16G)
Blue Grass: 100G (Won: 170G)
Green Grass: 100G (Won: 204G) *
Indigo Grass: 100 G (Won: 130G)
Orange Grass: 100G (Won: 170G)
Purple Grass: 120G (Won: 150G)
Red Grass: 110G (Won: 140G)
White Grass: 150G (Won: 164G
Yellow Grass: 120G (Won: 126G)
Relaxation Tea Leaves: 1000G (Won: 1700G)

Apple: 50G (Won: 55G)
Honey: 50G (Won: 56G)
Bamboo Shoot: 50G (Won: 57G)
Mushroom: 70G (Won: 77G)
Poisonous Mushroom: 100G (Won: 170G)
Truffle: 500G (Won: 550G)
Wild Grapes: 50G (Won: 57G)

Small Fish: 50G (Won: 57G)
Medium Fish: 120G (Won: 127G)
Large Fish: 200G (Won 270G)

Fossil of Fish 5000G (Won: 5700G)
Pirate Treasure 10,000G (Won: 17,000G)
'Message in a Bottle'/ 'How to Make Ketchup' : (Won: 67,000G)

Small Milk: 100G (Won: 160G)
Medium Milk: 150G (Won: 158G)
Large Milk: 200G (Won: 270G)
Gold Milk: 300G (Won: 370G)
P Milk: 500G (Won: 570G)
X Milk: 800G (Won: 870G)

Small Cheese: 300G (Won: 388G)
Medium Cheese: 400G (Won: 493G)
Large Cheese: 500G (Won: 598G)
Gold Cheese: 600G (Won: 670G)
P Cheese: 750G (Won: 756G)
X Cheese: 1500G (Won: 1570G)

Regular Egg: 50G (Won: 57G)
Good Egg: 60G (Won: 67G)
High Quality Egg: 80G (Won: 87G)

Spa Egg: 80G (Won: 87G)

Gold Egg: 150G (Won: 157G)
P Egg: 180G (Won: 187G)
X Egg: 350G (Won: 357G)

Small Mayonnaise:100G (Won: 170G)
Medium Mayonnaise: 150G (Won: 157G)
Large Mayonnaise: 200G (Won: 270G)
Gold Mayonnaise: 300G
P Mayonnaise: 450G (Won: 457G)
X Mayonnaise: 800G (Won: 870G)

Small Wool: 100G (Won: 170G)
Medium Wool: 400G (Won: 470)
Large Wool: 500G (Won: 570G)
Gold Wool: 600G (Won: 670G)
P Wool: 1000G (Won: 1700G)
X Wool: 2000G (Won: 2700G)

Small Yarn: 300G (Won: 388G)
Medium Yarn: 700G (Won: 770G)
Large Yarn: 800G (Won: 870G)
Gold Yarn: 1000G (Won: 1700G)
P Yarn: 1500G (Won: 1570G)
X Yarn: 4000G (Won: 4700G)

Note about Wool and Yarn: If you do not yet have the Yarn Maker, but are not
desperate for cash, it is best to store your Wool in your Shelf until you are
able to afford the Yarn Maker. As you can see, a much higher profit is made
when selling Yarn either to Zack or to Won than is made by selling Wool.

Special Item: (given by Thomas or purchased from Gotz)

Golden Lumber: (Won: 57,000G)

Spring Mine:

Junk Ore 1G (Won: 1G)
Copper 10G (Won: 16G)
Silver 20G (Won: 27G)
Gold 25G (Won: 30G)
Mystrille 40G (Won: 47G)
Orichalc 50G (Won: 57G)
Adamantite 50G (Won: 57G)
Mythic Stone 20,000G (Won: 27,000G)
'How to MakeFrench Fries' recipe (Won: 77,000G)

Winter Mine:
General Note about Gems: Won does not care for them as a seller, although he
appreciates most of them if given as gifts, so you are not likely to get a
much better price from him than from Zack.

Agate 62G (Won: 69G)
Amethyst 60G (Won: 65G)
Fluorite 65G (Won: 72G)
Peridot 68G (Won: 72G)
Topaz 70G Won: 76G)
Ruby 75G (Won: 82G)
Emeralds 80G (Won: 87G)
Moon Stone 55G (Won: 62G)
Sand Rose 60G
Diamonds 100G (Won: 170G)
Pink Diamonds 10,000G (Won: 17,000G)
Alexandrite 10,000G (Won: 16,000G)

N.B. These cannot be shipped, apart from the Red Magic Flower, but can be
sold to Won:

Toy Flower: (Won: 108G)
Moon Drop Flower: (Won: 127G)
Pink Cat Grass: (88G)
Blue Magic Red: (Won: 177G) (It is possible that Won pays the highest price
for this during the Winter season.)
Red Magic Flower: 200G (Won: 281G)

N.B. The Red Magic Flower, produced at random from Red Magic Seeds, is the
only flower that can be shipped with Zack.

Strawberries 30G *
Turnip 60G (Won: 70G)
Cucumber 60G (Won: 67G)
Potato 80G (Won: 86G)
Cabbage 250G
Tomato 60G (Won: 70G)
Onion 80G (Won: 104G)
Corn 100G (Won: 204G)
Pumpkin 250G *
Pineapple 500G (Won: 588G)
Green Pepper 40G (Won: 51G)
Aubergine (Eggplant) 80G (Won: 97G)
Spinach 80G * (Won: 87G)
Carrot 120G (Won: 142G)
Sweet Potatoes 120G
Red Magic Flowers 200G

Dress: (Won: 12700G)
Perfume: (Won: 6600G)
Facial Pack: (Won: 2700G)
Lotion: (Won: 1770)
Sunblock: (Won: 1570G)

Comes through the Post:
Harvest Sprites' Invitation to a Tea Party: Won will buy this for up to 7700G
Van's Favourite (Wine): Won will buy this for up to 57000G
Prizes from Won's Apple Challenge Game:
Tickets (can be used for Slot machine game but have no monetary value)
Mystery Flower: Won will buy these for up to 87,000G (Give total of 10 to the
Harvest Goddess for very special prize)
Harvest Goddess' prize flower: sell to Won for 1,000,000G
Win these playing the Slot Machine Game with Won:
New Records: Won will buy these for up to 170,000G
You can sell your cooked items to Won as well. I have listed them in the
order in which they appear in the Cookbook. All actual recipes are published
in my MFoMT Complete Recipe Cookbook FAQS. If you are determined to make
money as a Cook, there are many instances when you can add one ingredient to a
recipe in order to double its value. For example, Won will pay up to 370G for
Tempura, but if you add a Rice Ball and make it into Tempura Rice, he will pay
up to 670G for that dish.

Mayonnaise (S): (Won: 170G)
Mayonnaise (M): (Won: 157G)
Mayonnaise (L): (Won: 270G)
Mayonnaise (G):
Mayonnaise (P): (Won: 457G)
Mayonnaise (X):
Egg (X)
Milk (X): (Won: 870G)
Cheese X: (Won: 1570G)
Wild Grape Juice: (Won: 256G)
Pickles: (Won: 170G)
Salad: (Won: 170G)
Curry Rice: (Won: 156G)
Stew: (Won: 156G)
Miso Soup: (Won: 170G)
Stir Fry: (Won: 127G)
Fried Rice:
Savoury Pancake: (Won: 127G)
Sandwich: (Won: 127G)
Fruit Juice: (Won: 170G)
Fruit Latte: (Won: 370G)
Vegetable Juice: (Won: 170G)
Vegetable Latte: (Won: 370G)
Mixed Juice: (Won: 187G)
Mixed Latte (Won: 627G)
Pickled Turnip: (Won: 170G)
French Fries: (Won: 156G)
Strawberry Jam: (Won: 260G)
Strawberry Milk: (Won: 257G)
Tomato Juice: (Won: 170G)
Ketchup: (Won: 225G)
Popcorn: (Won: 187G)
Corn Flakes (Won: 197G)
Baked Corn (Won: 182G)
Pineapple Juice (Won: 770G)
Pumpkin Pudding (Won: 655G)
Pumpkin Stew (Won: 470G)
Happy Eggplant (Won: 260G)
Sweet Potatoes (Won: 257G)
Baked Sweet Potatoes: (Won: 187G)
Greens: (Won: 127G)
JPN Omelet (Scrambled Eggs): (Won: 187G)
Omelet: (Won 257G)
Omelet Rice: (Won: 470G)
Boiled Egg: (Won: 160G)
Pudding: (Won: 270G)
Hot Milk (Won: 157G)
Butter (Won: 157G)
Cheese Cake (Won: 820G)
Cheese Fondue (Won: 670G)
Apple Pie (Won: 457G)
Apple Jam (Won: 97G)
Apple Souffle (Won: 86G)
Bamboo Rice (Won: 237G)
Grape Jam (Won: 97G)
Grape Juice (Won: 170G)
Mushroom Rice (Won: 257G)
Truffle Rice: (Won: 770G)
Sushi: (Won: 427G)
Jam Bun: (Won: 257G)
Dinner Roll: (Won: 360G)
Raisin Bread: (Won: 270G)
Curry Bread (Won: 357G)
Toast (Won: 155G)
French Toast (Won: 357G)
Sashimi (Won: 237G)
Grilled Fish (Won: 237G)
Chirashi Sushi (Won: 770G)
Pizza (Won: 770G)
Noodles (Won: 126G)
Curry Noodles (Won: 270G)
Tempura Noodles (Won: 427G)
Fried Noodles (Won: 270G)
Buckwheat Noodles (Won: 370G)
Buckwheat Noodles w/ Tempura (Won: 670G)
Buckwheat Chips (Won: 370G)
Tempura (Won: 370G)
Mountain Stew (Won: 327G)
Moon Dumpling (Won: 157G)
Roasted Rice Cake (Won: 257G)
Toasted Rice Ball (Won: 157G)
Rice Gruel (Won: 270G)
Tempura Rice (Won: 670G)
Egg over Rice or Egg Bowl (Won: 370G)
Candied Potato (Won: 370G)
Potato Pancakes or Croquette (Won: 570G)
Fish Sticks (Won: 237G)
Cookies (Won: 370G)
Chocolate Cookies (Won: 570G)
Ice Cream (Won: 370G)
Cake (Won: 570G)
Chocolate Cake (Won: 657G)
Pancakes (Won: 556G)
Relaxation Tea (Won: 1570G)
SUGDW Apple (Won: 54G)
HMSGB Apple (Won: 54G)
AEPFE Apple (Won: 54G)
Bodiziger XL (Won: 570G)
Turbojolt XL (Won: 1700G)
Relaxation Tea Leaves (Won: 1700G)
Elli Leaves (Won: 5700G)
The Spring Sun (Green) (Won: 3700G for 'Unused Item')
The Summer Sun (Pink/Orange) (Won: 27,000G for 'Unused Item')
The Autumn Sun (Metallic Red) (Won: 37,000G for 'Unused Item')
The Winter Sun (Grey/Silver) (Won: 170,000G for 'Unused Item')

Jumat, 14 Mei 2010


That all Recipe list on the harvest moon ( Alphabetical )

AEPFE Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple

Apple Jam: Apple + Pot + Sugar

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling pin + Oven + Sugar

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Frying Pan

Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin

Apple Souffle': Apple (Regular/ AEPFE/ HMSGB/ SUGDW) + Frying Pan

Autumn Sun: Cheese (X)+ Mayo (X)+ Egg (X)+ Milk (X)+ Wool (X)+ Yarn (X)

Baked Corn: Corn + Oven

Baked Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato + Oven

Bamboo Rice: Bamboo Shoots + Rice Ball

Bodigizer XL: Bodigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer

Bodigizer: Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot

Boiled Egg: Egg (any size) + Pot

Buckwheat Chips: Buckwheat Flour + Pot

Buckwheat Noodles: Buckwheat Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin (onion, eggs, bamboo shoots, fish)

Butter: Milk (any size) + Mixer

Cake: Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

Cake: Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Sugar + Whisk + Oven

Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Pot

Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot

Cheese (X): (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Cheese

Cheese Cake: Cheese + (any) Egg + (any) Milk + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar

Cheese Fondue: (any size) Cheese + Bread + Pot

Chirashi Sushi: Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Rice Balls + Knife + Vinegar

Chocolate Cake: Chocolates + Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

Chocolate Cookies -Flour + Egg + Chocolates + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

Cookies: Flour + (any size) Egg + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + (Oven/ Frying Pan)

Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven, Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan

Curry Bread: Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan

Curry Noodles: Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot Stew: Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt

Dinner Roll: Bread + Butter

Egg Over Rice: Egg (any size) + Rice Ball + Pot

Egg Over Rice: Egg + Rice Balls + Pot + Salt + Soy Sauce

Elli Leaves: 6 Types Burnt Food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + Knife + Frying Pan + Oven + Pot + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Miso

Fish Sticks: Fish (Medium/Large) + Mixer + Salt

French Toast: Egg (any size) + Bread + Oil + Frying Pan

French Fries: Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan

French Toast: Bread + (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Sugar

Fried Noodles: Buckwheat Noodles + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce Buckwheat Chips

Fried Noodles: Buckwheat Noodles + Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce

Fried Noodles: Noodles + Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

Fried Rice: Rice Balls + Oil + Egg (any size) + Frying Pan

Fries: Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan

Fruit Juice: (Apple/Strawberry) + Mixer

Fruit Latte: Fruit Juice + Milk (any size) + Mixer or (Apple/ Pineapple/ Wild Grape)

Grape Jam: Wild Grape + Pot + Sugar

Grape Juice: Wild Grape + Mixer

Greens: Spinach + Pot + Soy Sauce

Grilled Fish: Medium Fish + Frying Pan

Happy Eggplant: Eggplant + Frying Pan + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso

HMSGB Apple: Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple

Hot Milk: (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar

Hot Milk: (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar Butter: (any size) Milk + Mixer

Hot Milk: Milk (any size) + Pot

Ice Cream: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot

Ice Cream: Milk + Egg + Whisk + Pot + Sugar (apple, honey, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry)

Jam Bun: (Apple Jam/ Grape Jam/ Strawberry Jam) + Bread

Juice: Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer

Ketchup: Tomato + Onion + Mixer + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (G): Golden Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (L): High Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (M): Good Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (P): P Egg+ Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (S): Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Vinegar Mayonnaise (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P)

Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar or Mayo (S) + Mayo (M) + Mayo (L) + Mayo (G)+ Mayo (P)

Milk (X): (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Milk

Miso Soup: Miso + Pot + Salt + 1 (or more) additional edible item(s) (Mushrooms, Onions, Fish, etc.)

Mixed Juice: Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer or (Apple/ AEPFE Apple/ HMSGB Apple/ SUGDW Apple/ Pineapple/ Strawberry/ Wild Grape) + (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Mixer

Mixed Latte: (any size) Milk + Fruit + Veggie + Mixer,

Moon Dumpling: Muffin Mix + Sugar

Mountain Stew: Bamboo Shoot + Carrot + Mushroom + Knife + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce

Mushroom Rice: Mushroom + Rice Ball

Noodles w/ Tempura: Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot or Buckwheat Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife

Noodles w/ Tempura: Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot,

Noodles: Flour + Pot + Rolling Pin + Knife

Omelet Rice: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan

Omelet: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

Omelette Rice: (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan Boiled Egg

Omelette Rice: (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan

Omelette: (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan

Pan Omelette: (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan

Pancake: Cabbage + Oil + Flour + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan + Knife

Pancakes -Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg + Milk + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan

Pancakes: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Flour + Oil + Butter + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan

Pickled Turnips: Turnip + Knife + Vinegar

Pickles: Cucumber + Salt

Pineapple Juice: Pineapple + Mixer

Pizza: Cheese (any size) + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin + Oven

Popcorn: Corn + Frying Pan

Potato Pancakes -Potato + Onion + (any size) Egg + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan + Salt Fish Sticks: Medium Fish + Mixer + Salt

Potato Pancakes: Egg (any size) + Potato + Onion + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan +Salt

Pudding: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oven + Pot + Sugar

Pumpkin Pudding: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Pumpkin + Pot + Oven + Sugar

Pumpkin Stew: Pumpkin + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce

Raisin Bread: Bread + Wild Grape

Relax Tea Leaves: Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow Grass + Green Grass + Purple Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed + Knife + Frying Pan

Relaxation Tea: Relax Tea Leaves + Pot

Rice Gruel: Rice Balls + Pot + Salt

Roasted Rice Cake: Rice Cake + (Oven/ Frying Pan)

Salad: (Cabbage/ Cucumber/ Tomato/ or Carrot) + Knife

Sandwich: (Boiled Egg/ Cucumber/ Tomato) + Bread + Knife

Sashimi: Fish (Medium/ Large) + Knife

Savory Pancake: Cabbage + Oil + Flour + Egg (any size) + Frying Pan + Knife

Scrambled Eggs: Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

Spring Sun: Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Grass + Moondrop Flower + Pink cat Flower +Toy Flower

Stew: Flour + Milk + Pot + Salt

Stir Fry: Cabbage + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan + Soy Sauce

Strawberry Jam: Strawberry + Pot + Sugar

Strawberry Milk: Strawberry + Milk (any size) + Mixer

SUGDW Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple

Summer Sun: Small Fish + Medium Fish + Large Fish + Fossil of Ancient Fish + Pirate Treasure

Sushi: Sashimi + Rice Ball + Vinegar

Sweet Potatoes: Butter + (any size) Egg + Sweet Potato + Sugar + Pot + Oven

Tempura Noodles: Tempura + Noodles + Pot or Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife

Tempura Rice: Rice Balls + Tempura + Salt

Tempura: Flour + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan (veggies, mushrooms, soy sauce)

Toast: Bread + Oven

Toasted Rice Balls: Rice Balls + Oven

Toasted Rice Balls: Rice Balls + Oven + Soy Sauce

Tomato Juice: Tomato + Mixer + Salt

Truffle Rice: Truffle + Rice Ball

Turbojolt XL: Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer

Turbojolt: Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magic Flower + Pot

Veggie Juice: (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Mixer

Veggie Latte: Veggie Juice + Milk (any size) + Mixer or (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Milk (any size) + Mixer

Wild Grape Juice: Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot

Winter Sun: Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald + Moonstone + Pink Diamond + Mythic Stone + Sand Rose

X Egg: Regular Egg + Good Egg + High Egg + Golden Egg + P Egg

X Cheese: Cheese (S) + Cheese (M) + Cheese (L) + Cheese (G) + Cheese (P)

X Milk: Milk (S) + Milk (M) + Milk (L) + Milk (G) + Milk (P)

( Note : You can add more thing or seasoning for better taste )

GameShark for HM MFoMT,boy (PC)

Master Code [North America]

This code will let you enter any other Harvest Moon: Friend of Mineral Town Gameshark codes!

Affection Modification [North America]
Stage 1:

320044A6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

320044D2 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32004526 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32004416 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

3200435A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

820045a6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

820045F0 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite

82004614 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite

82004638 FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite

8200465C FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite

82004680 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite

820046A4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite

820046C8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

320044A5 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

320044D1 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32004525 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32004415 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32004359 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

820045A4 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

Stage 2:

32006CDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

32006D06 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32006D5A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32006C4A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

32006B8E FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

82006DDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

82006E24 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite

82006E48 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite

82006E6C FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite

82006E90 FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite

82006EB4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite

82006ED8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite

82006EFC FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

32006CD9 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

32006D05 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32006D59 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32006C49 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32006B8D 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

82006DD8 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

All Barn Animals produce (G) Items [Japan]

All Chickens produce (G) Items [Japan]

Complete Recipes Record [North America]

This code will completely fill all your recipes in your record book.

Gold Codes [North America]
Have Loads of Gold:

Have 50,000 Gold:

Earn 50,000 each Day:

These codes will give you a certain ammount of gold (currency).

Have 100,000,000 Gold [Japan]

Have all Houses [Japan]
This one:

Have all Tools in Tool Box (leaves slots #49-64 free) [Japan]

Have Max Animal Fodder [Japan]
This is:

Have Max Chicken Feed [Japan]
So this is it:

Have Max Pieces of Lumber [Japan]
This is:

Infinite Stamina [North America]

This code will make it so that your Stamina will never deplete!

Infinite Supplies [North America]
Infinite Water

Infinite Feed

Infinite Fodder

Infinite Lumber

These codes will give you an infinite supply of resources for building places, and feeding animals!

Instant Pregnancy [North America]

This code will immediately make your wife pregnant, and give birth to a child!

Make Puppies [Europe]
E3545NCR9 TWBXU84N3 E4FT642DE UDBH4BD84 HDN3I39EJ JUNDFI438 384755NFH UHRF89494 Use to get puppies.

Maximum Slots in Rucksack [North America]

This code will give you a maximum ammount of slots in your Rucksack

Time Codes [North America]
Stop Time

Speed Up Time
Activate: Press B + L

These codes will let you control how the time goes!

Upgrade all Tools [North America]

This code will give you all 100% upgrade tools!

Weather Codes [North America]
Always Sunny

Always Raining

Always Snowing

These codes will automatically change the weather, even if the season doesn't have that certain weather.

Well Stocked Furniture [North America]
Well Stocked Shelf

Well Stocked Fridge

Well Stocked ToolBox

These codes will stock your fridge, shelf, and toolbox with great foods, items, and tools!

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010


Long Orange Hair In green Shirt And blue

Bottoms. B-Day: Summer 6 Home: Inn Rival: Ann Job: he work on poultry farm to take care of their chicken

All Bout Rick
Rick is a people who work on the poultry farm, his dad is go far away to searching
a flower to cure his mom, had a sister named popuri and over protective for his, just a man
who live and work on poultry farm

His Favorite Gifts
Rick Favorite Gift Is Spa Boiled Egg

He Also Likes Chocolate Recipes, any size Mayonnaise, Large Fish, Strawberry Milk, omelet recipes, Chicken Food, Popcorn, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Honey, Pudding, any size Egg, any size Cheese, Corn, Cornflakes, Bodigizer, and Turbojolt.

Heart Scene
 Black Heart Event

Location: Out Of Spring Mine Time: 11Am-6pm Day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Weather: Sunny Just Able When You Go Out Of Spring Mine

Purple Heart Event

Location: Walk out of Gotz's house Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Day: Sunday, Monday Weather: Any Weather

 Blue Heart Event

Location: Walk out from Spring Mine Time:11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Day : Wednesday, Friday Weather: Sunny

 Yellow Heart Event

Location: Walk out of the poultry farm in Year 4 Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m Day: Tuesday, Thursday, Weather: Sunny

His Schedule

He can be found at the store bench in the morning, the Poultry Farm the rest of the day,
and the Inn at 8 p.m.